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Charles Chuck Dixon is an American comic book writer, perhaps best-known for long runs on Batman titles in the 1990s.His earliest comics work was writing Evangeline first for Comico Comics in 1984 (then later for First Comics, who published the on-going series), on which he worked with his then-wife, the artist Judith Hunt. His big break came one year later, when editor Larry Hama hired him to write back-up stories for Marvel Comics The Savage Sword of Conan.In 1986, he began working for Eclipse Comics, writing Airboy with artist Tim Truman. Continuing to write for both Marvel and (mainly) Eclipse on these titles, as well as launching Strike! with artist Tom Lyle in August 1987 and Valkyrie with artist Paul Gulacy in October 1987, he began work on Carl Potts Alien Legion series for Marvels Epic Comics imprint, under editor Archie Goodwin. He also produced a three-issue adaptation of J. R. R. Tolkiens The Hobbit for Eclipse with artist David Wenzel between 1989 and 1990, and began writing Marc Spector: Moon Knight in June 1989.His Punisher OGN Kingdom Gone (August, 1990) led to him working on the monthly The Punisher War Journal (and later, more monthly and occasional Punisher titles), and also brought him to the attention of DC Comics editor Denny ONeil, who asked him to produce a Robin mini-series. The mini proved popular enough to spawn two sequels - The Jokers Wild (1991) and Cry of the Huntress (1992) - which led to both an ongoing monthly series (which Dixon wrote for 100 issues before leaving to work with CrossGen Comics), and to Dixon working on Detective Comics from #644-738 through the major Batman stories KnightFall & KnightsEnd (for which he helped create the key character of Bane), DC One Million , Contagion , Legacy , Cataclysm and No Mans Land . Much of his run was illustrated by Graham Nolan.He was DCs most prolific Batman-writer in the mid-1990s (rivalled perhaps in history by Bill Finger and Dennis ONeil) - in addition to writing Detective Comics he pioneered the individual series for Robin , Nightwing (which he wrote for 70 issues, and returned to briefly with 2005s #101) and Batgirl , as well as creating the team and book Birds of Prey .While writing multiple Punisher and Batman comics (and October 1994s Punisher/Batman crossover), he also found time to launch Team 7 for Jim Lees WildStorm/Image and Prophet for Rob Liefelds Extreme Studios. He also wrote many issues of Catwoman and Green Arrow , regularly having about seven titles out each and every month between the years 1993 and 1998.In March, 2002, Dixon turned his attention to CrossGens output, salthough he co-wrote with Scott Beatty the origin of Barbara Gordons Batgirl in 2003s Batgirl: Year One. For CrossGen he took over some of the comics of the out-going Mark Waid, taking over Sigil from #21, and Crux with #13. He launched Way of the Rat in June 2002, Brath (March 03), The Silken Ghost (June 03) and the pirate comic El Cazador (Oct 03), as well as editing Robert Rodis non-Sigilverse The Crossovers. He also wrote the Ruse spin-off Archards Agents one-shots in January and November 03 and April 04, the last released shortly before CrossGens complete collapse forced the cancellation of all of its comics, before which Dixon wrote a single issue of Sojourn (May 04). Dixons Way of the Rat #24, Brath #14 and El Cazador #6 were among the last comics released from the then-bankrupt publisher.On June 10, 2008, Dixon announced on his forum that he was no longer employed by DC Comics in any capacity.

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